The Dynamic Navigation Society (DNS) is the educational arm of ClaroNav that organizes courses around the world to educate clinicians on dynamic navigation.


Those who wish to expand their knowledge, training and practice benefit from the educational opportunities offered in their local setting. DNS offers three types of courses. The first is the Introduction to Surgical Navigation course, hosted at ClaroNav headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It also offers certified courses and 3rd party certified courses. CE credits are offered, where available.


Intro to Surgical Navigation Course


Clinicians can attend a free Navident workshop at ClaroNav’s headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It’s a full day session that gives doctors practical knowledge and hands-on training with the system. Lunch is included and it culminates with 6 CE credits (if applicable) and a DNS certificate of acquired knowledge. Doctors can bring one staff member. Look at course calendar to see upcoming events


DNS Certified course


DNS certified courses follow the quality standards defined by the Dynamic Navigation Society. Such courses are held by Master Clinical Trainers, and can entail either one or two days depending on the level of training being offered. If you cannot make it to Toronto, finding a workshop near you is a great alternative. Look at course calendar to see upcoming events.


3rd party certified


3rd party certified means that an independent organization has incorporated Navident dynamic navigation in their training program. The DNS has determined that the course complies with all necessary standards and therefore receives a quality certificate. Look at course calendar to see upcoming events


Master Clinical Trainers


Master Clinical Trainers (MCT) are leading doctors in the field of dentistry, who have mastered dynamic navigation. They host courses throughout the year in order to share their knowledge with clinicians who are newer to the field. You can view the list of MCTs here.


In Person Learning


In person courses are currently available. Please look at our course calendar for more information.

If you want to look back at our digital learning, here are three opportunities:

1. The 2020 DNS Symposium has gone digital. Master Clinical Trainers from around the world, who were going to be speakers, agreed to host webinars throughout the months of April and May. You rewatch these webinars here.

2. European Master Clinical Trainers hosted an online study club that presents in English and Italian. You can watch their webinars here.

3. We have a series of webinars on ceramic implants and digital dentistry, hosted by Canadian dentist Dr. Dan Hagi. You can watch that here.