Intro to Navident Certification + Live Surgery Observation

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Fabricate a Navistent
  • Set your CBCT according to Navident requirements
  • Work with Jaw and Drill TAGs
  • Plan cases using Navident planning software
  • Use dynamic guided surgery best practice
  • Receive a Certificate Diploma
  • Receive Navident User Manual

This course follows a hands-on approach: you will be learning by doing. You will be flanked by two trainers: a Master Clinical Trainer (MCT) and a product specialist (PS).

A MCT is a professional who distinguished herself/himself for the number of cases treated using Navident.

A PS is a technical person who can provide you with product usage insights and can assist you once you will be using Navident in your daily dentistry.

Training agenda (total time: 8 hrs)

Presentations (time: 1 hr)

  • Dynamic guided surgery Vs Static guided surgery
  • Introduction to ClaroNav and Navident
  • Micron Tracker
  • Dynamic guided surgery accuracy
  • Navident workflow and dynamic navigation procedures
  • Product presentation: the system and the surgical kits/license business model
  • Navident accessories
  • Clinical protocols and clinical cases discussion

Navistent manufacturing (time: 1 hr)

  • Navistent will be manufactured using thermoplastic and plaster casts

Navident software (time: 2 hrs)

  • CT marker registration
  • Panoramic curve drawing
  • Nerve drawing
  • Implant planning
  • Virtual teeth planning
  • The R-fine application

Navident dynamic surgery (time: 2 hrs)

  • Practising the crosshair on a phantom
  • Simulating work on all mouth quadrants with proper patient / jaw tag positioning

Live surgery observation (time: 2 hrs)