Dr. Marcello Marchesi (Modena, Italy)
  • Honors degree in medicine and surgery in 1985
  • Specialties with honors in dentistry in 1988
  • First implant case in 1989
  • Since 1992 he dedicated exclusively to perio / implant-prosthesis in Modena
  • Cutting-edge techniques for high performance, treatments based on evidence / experience and improved patient compliance as cornerstones of the profession
  • In 2006 international patent “method for planning and performing dental treatments” published in the EU (EP1935369B1) and the USA (US799606B2) in 2010
  • Since 2008 technical application of intraoral welding by changing some basic steps and creating decision-making algorithm and operating protocol at the base of JADS technique (just a day surgery)
  • Beta Site since 2103 in Italy for Claron Technology Inc.